Twelve Heavenly Generals

Shizuoka Prefecture Tangible Cultural Property


The majority of sculptures depicting Twelve Heavenly Generals located in eastern Japan are thought to have been made between the Muromachi and Edo periods. This set of statues however is considered precious not only because it is complete, but also because three of the figures date back to the Heian period with the other figures dating back to the Kamakura period, from between the end of the Nanboku-cho period and the start of the Muromachi period, and the Edo period. All of the statues stand approximately 1 meter in height, another fact that sets them apart from other predominantly smaller statues.

  • Bikara Taisho 【Rat】North

  • Shotora Taisho 【Ox】North-northeast

  • Shindara Taisho 【Tiger】East-northeast

  • Makora Taishō 【Rabbit】East

  • Haira Taishō 【Dragon】East-southeast

  • Indara Taishō 【Snake】South-southeast

  • Sanchira Taishō 【Horse】South

  • Anira Taishō 【Goat】South-southwest

  • Anchira Taishō

  • Mekira Taishō 【Rooster】West

  • Basara Taishō 【Dog】West-northwest

  • Kubira Taishō 【Pig】North-northwest